Hands down the best dentist in Tillamook.  I have a close family member that works for a local dentist, but I can not bring myself to switch dentists.  You will not find a more friendly and genuinely caring staff, then at Tillamook Bay Dental.  I felt concern prior to my son’s first dental appointment, as I didn’t want him to gain that dreaded phobia some have of a dentist.  Thankfully, I left feeling a sense of relief, as his first experience was an extremely positive one.  Today he still likes going to the dentist; of course the toy chest helps too!  My 3-year-old daughter has her first appointment coming up and I’m not worried one bit.  Dr. Opdahl and his staff are every bit professional and attentive, while maintaining a fun and laid-back environment, that everyone can appreciate.  They give sound advice and instruction, and encourage preventative care strategies for children and adults alike.    I love the quality of care and service we receive every single time we go to Tillamook Bay Dental, and for that reason, my family and I are lifelong patients!

Whitney H.