“For years I have suffered from a traumatic jaw injury that has led me to many dental offices.  I really didn’t like going to the dentist.  It gave me great anxiety and because of that, I would put off going as often as I should.  Moving to Tillamook meant having to find another dentist.  When researching the dentist available in my network, I came across Dr. Opdahl’s name and decided to try his office.  When calling to make my initial appointment, his staff treated me with respect and kindness.  Arriving to my appointment, I was once again filled with anxiety and fear.  As I walked in, his front staff greeted me with smiles, politeness, and respect.  Once I was in the exam chair, my heart was pounding.  I explained my situation and his team went to wok getting to know my mouth better.  As each step took place, I began to feel more at ease.  Not only was his staff well trained, but they made me feel very comfortable.  Now after many visits, some not so pleasant because of needed repair, I don’t feel the anxiety.  I’m in good hands and Dr. Opdahl genuinely cares about my whole experience.  He gives me options, is very honest, and helps find the best care that will fit my budget.  He is the best dentist I have ever encountered.  His staff ROCKS!  Thank you for making my dental visits a more pleasurable experience.  I would certainly recommend your office.”  -Regards, Cheryl E.

Cheryl E.